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I'm getting lost

The Sound of Change music group, which was recently established within our foundation, has released their first song, the music and composition of which belongs to them. The story of the song is as follows: "İbrahim Gündüz was a prosecutor who was sensitive to rights and law and did his duty properly. On July 15th, he was unjustly and unlawfully dismissed and arrested with a decree law and taken to Osmaniye T-type Prison. After 15 months of unlawful imprisonment, he was released on condition that his case would continue. After his release, İbrahim Gündüz wanted to establish a new order and started to earn his bread by working in different jobs. During this process, he met and married Nurdan Gündüz, a clerk who had also been unlawfully dismissed by a state of emergency decree. İbrahim Gündüz, who tried to live a happy life with his wife despite all the difficulties, was sentenced to 6 years and 10 months in prison in the case he was tried within the scope of the congregation investigation.

They had only been married for 4 months, but the injustice, lawlessness and persecution in Turkey did not end. Therefore, the couple, who wanted to live in freer living conditions in a fairer way, decided to go abroad and continue their lives in other lands, even if they did not want to.

On December 2, 2021, 3 lawyers, who, like themselves, could not find justice in Turkey, set out on a boat to cross the Aegean Sea to the Greek island of Kos. The weather was cold, the wind was biting hard, but the desire to live free warmed their hearts. They wanted to be tried fairly, they wanted to be able to fulfill their duties for their homeland and nation without stealing, but this was not possible in contemporary Turkey...When the boat came near the Greek island of Kos, a storm broke out. While the storm was tossing the boat they were on hard, they were trying to hold on. But the boat they were on could not withstand the size and harshness of the storm any longer and capsized. The other 3 lawyers somehow managed to survive and reached the island of Kos. But İbrahim Gündüz and his wife of 4 months Nurdan Gündüz drowned at the scene and lost their lives...

The couple, whose bodies were found by the Greek authorities, were not wanted to be handed over to their families for visa reasons. Although İbrahim Gündüz was handed over to his family 2 months after his death as a result of long efforts, Nurdan Gündüz was buried on the island of Kos and a couple's dream of a free and happy life was lost..."

You can listen to the song on our band's youtube channel.


Silence is the worst enemy of freedom.


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